Digital democracies: Threat or opportunity?



Online propaganda, echo chambers, disinformation, bots, hate speech, data misuse, political polarisation. The impact of technology and especially social media on democracies has increasingly been painted as a doom and gloom scenario. Are algorithms defining public discourse? Does social media favour extremist content and fake news over facts? Who is influencing what I am influenced by? How is my data being used? Are democratic values undermined by technology? Or could virtual parliaments, online voting and consultation processes make for more democratic societies? Can e-democracy be a way to encourage more young people to make their voices heard? Is online participation a tool to lower boundaries and increase accessibility to public discourse? How can trust in democracies be safeguarded in the digital age?

The interpretation does not constitute an authentic record of proceedings. The simultaneous interpretation of debates provided by the European Parliament serves only to facilitate communication amongst the participants in the meeting. It does not constitute an authentic record of proceedings.

Only the original speech or the revised written translation of that speech is authentic.

Where there is any difference between the simultaneous interpretation and the original speech (or the revised written translation of the speech), the original speech (or the revised written translation) takes precedence. 

In meetings with remote participation, the connection quality of the remote participants may affect the audio and video quality, with a corresponding impact on the quality of interpretation. 

Unless expressly authorised by the European Parliament, the use of the recorded interpretation for any purpose other than that mentioned above is strictly prohibited. 

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